Our Story


Our story began on October 1, 2014. My first husband Bill Carreira - dear friend and beloved father to our three children Anna, Katie, and Graye - emailed me to say he had begun to feel unwell during a recent business trip to Shanghai and his doctor was running tests.

Three and a half weeks later we lost him to cancer.

We were devastated. Time seemed to stand still as we tried to move through the shock and grief. Here we are two years later and the tears still come - at our daughters' high school and college graduations, our son's confirmation, as I'm writing this...

But now, by the grace of God, when the tears dry, it is the LOVE - not the loss - that remains.

This little business of ours grew out of that love.

A few months ago, I was thinking how comforting it would be if our children had a soft and cozy shirt they could wear when they wanted to feel close to their dad. Kinda like a hug. And a reminder that they will always carry him in their hearts.

Our children love them, and we hope you will, too.